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    The Right Way To Clean Your Bags

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    The first few days of owning a new bag are the honeymoon phase: we keep the straps in check, try to shield it from the rain, and inspect every inch for unwanted stains. But once it’s broken in—and the cloth has become used to holding our things—we forget about it.

    The clutter builds up; the material turns grimy.

    But when your trusty bag is both overused and unappreciated, it’s more likely to give out. And since bags tend to be extensions of our personalities and daily activities, it makes sense that they deserve the same care that we give to ourselves. So, whatever your daily routine demands, take care of your bag to help it last a lifetime. Here are eight different materials that your bag might be made of and all the ways to help you keep them clean.

    • Leather
      Italian leather is associated with high-end luxury items, whose material is sourced from only the best quality hides. While full-grain leather, bonded leather, and genuine leather have varying degrees of quality, they all need the same gentle touch during cleaning.After purchasing your leather bag, it’s good practice to protect it with an appropriate leather cream. This helps to shield it from light scratches and the occasional accidental spill. In case the latter happens, we recommend cleaning its surface with a clean cloth and leather cleanser.

      Also, it’s good to check if the store you purchased your bag at offers deep cleaning services. If they do, we recommend that you bring it over every so often for a more professional clean. Don’t forget to ask for tips and tricks to help you enjoy wine night stain-free.

    • Nylon or Cordura
      Nylon and Cordura are often used for backpacks because of the heavy-duty weave of the fabric makes it water repellent and tear-proof. This is why it’s ideal for people who need bags to keep up with their active lifestyles. Carry heavy school books or tuck in your weekend hiking gear.In case you ever find that your backpack is muddy and stained because of a particularly rainy day, It’s best to clean this kind of bag with baking soda. Brush some over the stain to prevent this from seeping further into the cloth. Afterwards, scrub with wet detergent. This method works well with denim or neoprene bags, too!

      If you’re out with your friends when your bag gets an oil stain, a few swipes of rubbing alcohol works. What if you forget (or didn’t notice) that the stain stayed overnight? Just use a microfiber cleansing solvent, press it firmly onto the stain for 15 seconds and blot it with water afterwards.

    • Cotton Canvas or Waxed Canvas
      Cotton Canvas is commonly used for casual totes or body slings because the rough woven cotton material gives off a casual vibe and its material is one of the easiest to clean! If you encounter stains, handwash it the way you would your clothes. Run cold water over the stain and add some liquid soap.A canvas bag that is coated with beeswax is water-resistant and tear-proof. However, this additional coating doesn’t make it stain-proof. After a trip to the grocery store, take some time to scrub meat stains off gently with liquid soap and cold water. You can always have the bag recoated with wax later on.

    While your fashion choices can say a lot about your personality or social status, the care you take with them can tell a different story. Make your things last—after all, every item you purchase is an investment to both your wardrobe and the environment.

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